Trauma Services Available04-Mar-2014

Trauma Program Includes:

    • - A trauma skills group with the purpose of learning the skills to process trauma.
    • - Individual therapy may include biofeedback, sound therapy as well as skills acquisition, EMDR, cognitive behavioral and sensorimotor trauma therapy for processing the trauma.
    • -Trauma processing support group available for people who are walking through the trauma and need additional assistance, support and individualized guidance with use of skills.


If you are interested in participating or would like more information regarding these services, please contact FLMHC Access Specialist at 763-746-9594.


Cultivating Wellness21-Jan-2014

FLMHC recognizes clients need for fresh produce and their limited access to growing space.  FLMHC created individual raised beds for client gardening

with the help of sponsors.  It has been so exciting to watch the gardens grow and clients enthusiasm to see their results of their efforts.




To Become a Client call 763-746-9594.


If this is an emergency or life threatening situation

please call 911 immediately.


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