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Anxiety Treatment Group




Anxiety Treatment Group


The Anxiety Treatment Group is a weekly, 2 hour, psychoeducational group that teaches about the causes and treatment of anxiety from the psychiatric and psychotherapy perspectives.


The group provides a safe place to just listen, or to share and ask questions if you like.  Except to give us your name, and a very brief description of what you want to get out of the group, you won't be required to "do" anything.


The primary goal of the group is to teach skills and provide information to help reduce the impact of anxiety in your life, and to give you the information you need to develop your own strategies for overcoming and treating anxiety.

Program Description:

The Anxiety Treatment Group is an open group, which means attendees can start at any time.  The curriculum runs for 10 weeks, and covers the causes of anxiety, medications used to treat anxiety, and skills to cope and reduce anxiety.  The group is a great way to supplement psychiatry and/or therapy.  The skilled group leaders (one psychiatrist and one therapist) will help you cope with any anxiety about being in a group, and the group will be as accommodating as possible for anxious group members





There is no attendance requirement.  To get the most out of the group you should try to attend all 10 of the sessions.




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