Many who suffer from mental illnesses, need support and can't afford the care they require. Your generosity and support will enable us to provide the services that are so critical to those with mental illness and their families. Help us foster wellness and reduce the stigma of mental illness. All donations go to direct client care.


The Center also dispenses large quantities of expensive psychiatric medications to clients who are unable to afford them. It is estimated that well over two hundred thousand dollars worth of medications is given away to clients of the Center in its community yearly.


Family LIfe Mental Health Center is a not-for-profit corporation under MN law. It is considered a sole (3) tax exempt entity under federal tax law, thus contributions are tax deductible. Over 88% of the Center funding comes from fee for service (Insurance, self pay, etc.), about 10% comes from a contract with Anoka County to care for low income clients. Tax deductible contributions equal approximately 2-3% of total revenue.


The center is more than happy to accept memorials, delayed contributions, bequests, or other donations. When you donate to Family Life Mental Health Center, you make a real difference in the lives of those who are affected by mental illness. Partner with us today.


Please make checks payable to Family Life Mental Health Center and mail to:


Family LIfe Mental Health Center

Attn: Administration

1930 Coon Rapids Boulevard NW

Coon Rapids, MN 55433

(763) 427-7964  Phone

(763) 427-7976  Fax





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