Dr. Robert Baumer


Dr. Robert Baumer and two psychiatric nurses collaborated to bring into the north metropolitan area a community-based and comprehensive mental health care service program for people with serious mental illness. This idea was born out of the experience of the need for more coordinated, and responsive mental health services at the time, especially for people suffering with serious mental illness with its life disabling effects in the north metro area.



• Family Life Mental Health Center (FLMHC) is started with psychiatric assessment and nursing care

• The Center adds 2 therapists and a certified occupational therapist

• Two-room office in the Anoka Professional Building

• FLMHC became a private nonprofit incorporated 1 year after opening


1978 to 1983

• Moved into larger spaces at the Anoka Professional Building

• Added psychiatrists, nursing staff, occupational therapy and group and individual therapists

• Day treatment program



• Moved to the old Anoka Post Office (a historical building)

• Dr. Myron Malecha, medical director and primary psychiatric practitioner

• Moved from the old Anoka post office to a renovated Twin City Federal bank building

• The Center grows to include 4 psychiatrists with 2 psychiatric nurses



• The Center became the first outpatient site for the provision of dialectical behavior therapy for clients with severe personality disorders.



• Programs have developed including Anger Management and Life Steps

• Individual, marital, family, and group services are provided

• Managed care contracts including Medica, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, HealthPartners and others

• Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program through the State of Minnesota

• FLMHC became a subsidiary of Rise in January 2009. Under this partnership,  services were expanded to include vocational training, job placement, and housing support services for those with mental illness.



Located at 1930 Coon Rapids Boulevard, Coon Rapids, MN

Multi-disciplinary staff includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, and support staff

• Board of Directors consists of 5-7 community members


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