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Who Can Benefit


Mental Health Chemical Health


Mental Health Chemical Health Group (MHCH Group) is an ongoing supportive therapeutic group that meets for 1.5 hours each week. Group leaders have experience with issues concerning people with both mental illness and chemical  usage. The group will focus on the needs of those in attendance of each session.


Who Can Benefit?


The Group is designed for clients with co-occurring disorders such that every member of the group has a mental health diagnosis and a chemical use concern or diagnosis.


Participants may use the group to:

• Process ambivalence about treatment decisions regarding their mental health and chemical health.

• Explore how their mental health and chemical use influence each other.

• Give/receive support for current sobriety or efforts to establish sobriety.

• Identify reasons for changing a behavior that they or another person in their life considers a concern.

• Sort out uncertainty about medication questions and changes.






Clients are encouraged to refer themselves to the Mental Health Chemical Health Group (MHCH). Anyone working with the client may also make a referral. This program is not exclusive to our current clients. If participant is not a current client at FLMHC, they will be required to complete an informational appointment with a mental health professional and a treatment planning session prior to joining the group. It is not necessary to see a therapist or prescriber ongoing to attend the MHCH Group.


This group does not take the place of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and clients may desire to attend both. This group is limited to adults (age 18 plus) for attendance. It is expected that group members are sober during the meetings. Open communication and expression of support, encouragement and respect between group members and leaders is a major component of this group.



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