Located just off the front lobby at FLMHC is a full-service pharmacy specifically designed to serve Family Life Mental Health Center's clients. Operated by Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company, a company that supplies specialty pharmacy services to the mental health community, it makes filling a prescription quick and convenient.


“We were concerned because so many Family Life Center patients have difficulty getting their prescriptions filled and refilled in a timely manner due to their transportation and mobility issues,” said Rosalin Chrest, executive director of FLMHC. “Having a full-service pharmacy conveniently located within the clinic where so many people are seeing their therapists and psychiatric medical personnel just made sense.”


But patient convenience is just a small part of why having a pharmacy within the walls of the Family Life Center is so beneficial.


“Because I am onsite, I can collaborate with Family Life’s staff psychiatrists and therapists to provide medication therapy management (MTM),”  a Genoa Healthcare pharmacist  explained. “I feel like I’m an integral part of the health care team here. We all work together to address the unique issues patients face.”


The pharmacist is available to answer questions from mental health providers and patients about the drugs themselves, interactions, and insurance coverage. Together the medical team addresses the specific needs, concerns, and interests of the patients to help assure the highest quality care.










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