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Positive Discipline





Positive Discipline


Effective discipline teaches self-discipline from within the child or adolescent, an “inner locus of control,” by helping him/her figure out what causes problems and how to solve them. Punishment teaches an “external locus of control” where a child or adolescent depends on punishment or rewards from others as motivators. Effective discipline means using methods that teach important life skills such as cooperation, respect, concern for self and others, and problem- solving skills. Experiential exercises will deepen the learning for participants.

Program Description:

This multi-week program provides parents with the tools and skills necessary to successfully implement effective family meetings that create an atmosphere that enhances cooperation, collaboration, problem-solving, conflict resolution, communication skills, accountability, responsibility, self-discipline, self-esteem and

mutual respect.


Clients are encouraged to refer themselves to the Positive Discipline group. Anyone working with the client may also make a referral.


This program is not exclusive to our current clients. Anyone can participate whether or not you receive services at FLMHC.


Topics will include:


• Children are always thinking, feeling and deciding

• Encouragement vs. praise

• Family meetings

• Getting into the “shoes” of your child

• Long term vs. short term parenting

• Mistaken goals

• Parenting styles

• Positive time out (for kids AND parents)

• Power struggles

• Sibling rivalry

• Natural and logical consequences vs. punishment and rewards

• Why punishment and rewards do not work in the long run and why a focus on solutions is a better option





Before attending the group an individual assessment session must be completed. Following the completion of an initial assessment by a therapist, clients will be contacted with notification of when each

group will begin. The groups are formed with a number of parents to provide the best experience.  Single parent or both parents are welcome to attend.






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