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Recovery from Trauma


Who Can Benefit


Recovery from Trauma Group


The Recovery from Trauma Group is an 8-10 week group that meets for 1.5 hours each week. The group is designed for clients to learn, develop and practice skills necessary to process trauma. It is a skills based group focusing on grounding, containment, centering and soothing skills, as well as education on trauma and processing trauma. Clients will develop an individual skills plan to utilize in the future.


Clients are encouraged to refer themselves to the Trauma Group. Anyone working with the client may also make a referral. This program is not exclusive to our current clients.


Clients will learn how to:

• Cope with trauma reactions

• Manage intense feelings

• Live in the present

• Stabilize when hijacked by trauma responses

• Increase self-care


Who Can Benefit?


Clients who are deciding to work on their trauma issues, people who are beginning the process of resolving trauma responses or need extra skills and support while working on their trauma issues in individual therapy. Clients will need to be involved in individual therapy concurrently.






Following the completion of an initial assessment by a therapist, clients will be contacted with notification of when each group will begin. The groups are held at different times and dates. The therapist will try to match each person to the best time, date and group that will best fit the client’s needs.



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