Client Testimonials

"In my time of need, it was a great comfort to know there was someone willing to help.  I couldn’t have done it without my therapist.  Thanks."


"I love my therapist. She helps me out a lot.  I kept things to myself until I saw her."


"When I came to Family Life Center, I had lost my job and could no longer afford my prescribed medication.  Now I have been switched to a more effective and lower cost medication. Thank you!"


"Thank you for helping me.  I did appreciate all I got."


"The staff is very helpful and courteous.  Easy to schedule appointments."


"The staff at the front office are cheery, happy, welcoming and very helpful.  Good job. You all are wonderful and I thank you so much!"


"Thank you to my therapist for keeping me focused and helping me not give up during this difficult time.  I like the text reminders for appointments."


"Family Life is Great and everyone does a good job.  Thank you for working there."


"Service here is always prompt, courteous, and with compassion."


"It is great that you do the email reminders for appointments.  My doctor actually cares about how I am feeling."


"My therapist is really caring, suggesting ideas, not pushing them on me and not judging.  I have been seeing a therapist for many years and this is the first one I have connected with, please keep her here and know that she is worth having here."


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